This program is designed to ease the creation/manipulation of
M3U playlist on iRiver H300,in an attempt to replace
Winamp in managing playlists.

Version 1.3 is completed. - Re-designed GUI, re-designed system architecture,
transparent window, drive warning, and more...

Main features of the program include:

1. Portability
small file size, no setup,
place this program in the player's HD, and run in any computer with .NET platform installed

2. Multiple music formats supported

This program supports (and will support) all the current and future file formats H300 supports.
Currently, supported formats include .mp3, .wma, .asf, .ogg, irm

3. Usability

Winamp was designed to play mp3 files, this program is designed for the sole purpose of
manipulating playlist.
Simply drag and drop files/folders into the program.
(drag and drop .m3u files opens the file)

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Last Updated: 12-05-2014